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Now he never knew which woman he was in bed with! And, worst of all, he wasn't willing to give up any of them The Dare Does struggling reporter Rory Gibbs dare to score the first-ever photo of reclusive business tycoon Jared Slade? Little does she know she'll first have to get past his big, sexy bodyguard, Mark Hunter. Hunter promises he'll get her an interview with his boss on two conditions: she hands over the photos - and gives him one kiss.

But one kiss leads to an explosive encounter. And then another. And another! The Favour After a kiss with a mysterious stranger gets out of control, sensible academic Sierra Gibbs is both frightened and excited by what security specialist Ryder Kane does to her. Ryder's line of work requires him to be daring and impulsive - exactly what Sierra wants in bed. But when she gets caught in the middle of the dangerous case he's working on, even the bold new Sierra isn't sure she can handle a man like Ryder.

That is, until Ryder starts calling in some favours of his own The P. Private investigator-slash-crime writer Kit Angelis is closing up shop when trouble walks in. Let the battle begin Early to bed and early to rise makes a man Talk about early! Tony Romano and Lily McNeil hadn't even introduced themselves before they were burning up the sheets! But the exercise didn't do Tony's health any good. Since luscious Small-town girl Corie Benjamin is ready for an adventure, ready to experience everything the world has to offer.

And one thing she Potter needs a solid case -- not a man. Only, little did she guess when she wore her roommate's "man-magnet" s Can a skirt really act as a man-magnet? Freelance writer Chelsea Brockway doesn't believe it for a minute, but the idea is her ticket to getting her Cop Jack DeRosa's life is going to the dogs. After being out on sick leave, the only way he's getting his beat back is to strike gold on his latest case. The assignment -- to investigate pet caretaker and probable thief Riley Foster. Undercover, Jack When Tyler Sheridan discovers through the personal ads that her groom isn't planning to show up for their wedding, she thinks it can't get any worse.

That is, until she hooks up with seriously sexy P. Nick Romano t Librarian Jodie Freemont's New Year's resolution is to get a life!

Plain, predictable Jodie is going to turn into a daring, free-spirited femme fatale. And she gets her chance when rugged bounty hunter Shane Sullivan comes to town. Shane's got a r We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 35 titles.

Does anybody else miss the branding within a line?


Couple fall in love over 3 days but in the context of the short book Silhouette Desire, I believe it worked. Blaze is my go-to line for when I want fun and sexy. Harlequin hardly holds the market share on that! You tend to get a very strong focus on the romance in categories. And trust me, when you hit upon an author who writes the format well? Absolutely nothing better.

Picking 5 favorites is really, really hard for me because I have enjoyed so many category romances. I used to buy more than I do now. The lousy titles of recent years have turned me off.


However, when I look past the titles and pick up the books themselves, I do find some gems. Perchance to Dream by Kathleen Korbel 3.

  • Worth Lying For;
  • The Violins of Saint-Jacques: A Tale of the Antilles.
  • There Is Still More.
  • Changelings & Other Stories;
  • Manual Witness Seduction (Mills & Boon Blaze).
  • The Two Elsies A Sequel to Elsie at Nantucket.
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Break the NIght by Anne Stuart 5. Do-Over by Dorien Kelly. Note: I limited myself to the contemporary lines. If I started going back into my stash of series historicals, this would be the longest list ever!

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With Child — Janice Kay Johnson 2. Anything at all by Ruth Wind 4. While I read far fewer now, I have always read some categories. Off the top of my head…and most of mine will be older books…and I will probably think of 5 more as soon as I hit sent…in no particular order. Reckless by Ruth Wind 2.

Overnight Alibi by Marilyn Pappano 3. Streets of Fire by Judith Duncan 5.

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  • The Daredevil (Mills & Boon Blaze) (Uniformly Hot! - Book 5).
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My top 5 are: 1. Power Play by Nancy Warren have you got yours yet Katie??? Under the Influence by Nancy Warren. These books, break my ruts, and are great for quick reads. Cindy W : 2. I happened across your blog early this year and picked up Under the Influence based on your recommendation. I agree with you with one exception. The titles are a real problem for me, and HP is actually my favorite category line.

Yet, I still find it hard to choose books with the information provided. With such cloudy information to work with, I think readers can be excused for dismissing them. Yes, it can be argued that all romances are prone to silly titles and inaccurate blurbs, but not to the same extent and not usually both at the same time. The HP line is consistently misleading.

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Maybe if the publisher treated them like real books with real titles and blurbs, readers would as well. Yes, that is me Katie! When I signed up for the forum, I did it under baseballmom5, not Cindy W. It must have been during a good baseball season or something so you may not have recognized me either! That book got me back into reading series books. I love Blazes, but am open to just a darn good quick story!

Thank you, Katie. You have expressed my feelings perfectly. I have often thought that category gets a similar response within Romance to what Romance gets from non-romance readers. About the blurbs. I can assure you that they are not computer generated. Generally they are written by the editor, who ought to know what the book is about. If you consider that one is wrong or misleading, try writing to the senior editor of the line, or let the author know.

Most of us have email and will probably be glad to pass on that type of concern.