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Participate being a loose term, since people trying to sit it out are forced to join the killing spree by violent militias!

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Who have the major players been up to this point? And how has the story changed from the first movie in which our heroes were a family of rich white people living in the Southern California suburbs?

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The Purge As the intro to the first Purge tells us, the year is Unemployment is below one percent. Crime is almost nonexistent, and U. The movie opens on the night of the fifth annual Purge, and from the start, we hear talk-radio callers sharing their thoughts on the real truth of the event. The wealthy barricade themselves in or purchase extravagant weapons to kill people with.

The story focuses on the Sandin family, who are among the rich, white, protected one percent. The breadwinning father Ethan Hawke makes buckets of money working for a home-security firm that sells a mediocre product for way too much money.

All is going well on Purge night until a bloodied black man Edwin Hodge on their street cries out for someone to save him. Almost all of the Sandins end up surviving the night after a surprise showdown with their conniving neighbors , and the bloody stranger escapes to make it to the sequel. Sandin Lena Headey hauntingly tells her son at the start of the movie. The year is There are fewer people below the poverty line every year how convenient! So with the mythology under our belt, what new information does Anarchy give us about life under the NFFA regime? Williams who hijacks official state broadcasts to rally anti-Purge sentiment.

Also, we see the bloodied homeless man from the first film return as a rebel fighter in the second.

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I guess he got tired of civility! Anarchy also exposes the Purge as a more explicitly nefarious tradition, with the NFFA sending out armored death squads to pad casualties. Big black semitrucks circulate through city streets, carrying ruling party members in the back who wield tactical Gatling guns that fire off armor-piercing rounds.

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