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According to our study, diverse Jews are: 1 multicultural Jews by heritage; 2 children of interracial Jewish couples; 3 spouses and partners of Jews who have converted or are interested in Judaism; 4 religious seekers who choose Judaism; and 5 children of color who have been adopted by Jewish families.

The reuniting of Ephraim with Judah is happening today! - WELCOME TO THE MESSIANIC REVOLUTION

You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt. Exodus This emphasis upon the treatment of aliens or foreigners-those who are new to a community or society-is not unusual within the Torah. Early Jewish tradition emphasizes the pain of the outsider and seeks solutions for it. Commandments calling for sensitivity and justice for the ger are found in thirty-six different places within the Torah, more than the mention of any other mitzvah.

Harvey J. Although we may not legally or formally adopt the children of a relative or friend, what are some of the ways that we provide for the children of others as we do for own? Rabbi Marcus L. Burstein, D. In search of a unique Hanukkah gift for the social justice hero in your life? Look no further than this guide for all your gift-giving needs - with an emphasis on tikkun olam, the repair of our broken world.

Want to explore Reform Judaism but have no in-person opportunities to study? This class is for you! Reform Zionism is a continuation of the early Zionist dream to foster a living, breathing national culture that represents the highest ideals of Jewish peoplehood. What does it mean to stand up for your people unequivocally if they physically harm you because they disagree with you so vehemently? Features the phrase "Well-behaved women rarely make history" and the WRJ logo.

Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. D'var Torah By:. Marcus L. Focal Point Now, your two sons, who were born to you in the land of Egypt before I came to you in Egypt, shall be mine; Ephraim and Manasseh shall be mine no less than Reuben and Simeon. Genesis Noticing Joseph's sons, Israel asked, "Who are these?

Genesis D'var Torah In Va-y'chi , the last parashah of Genesis, we read about the blessings that Jacob gives to his sons and grandsons before his death. By the Way The American Jewish community is now more diverse than ever. Exodus This emphasis upon the treatment of aliens or foreigners-those who are new to a community or society-is not unusual within the Torah. How do you welcome those born in other cultures into your congregation and your family's life?

How might some Jews feel when they hear, "You don't look Jewish? Reference Materials:. When do we read Va-y'chi. Va-y'chi Commentaries. The Blessing of Dinah. How the Living Serve the Dead. The Power and Protection of Angels. In Place of God? Jewish Holidays navigation feature buckets.

Havdalah Blessings. Jewish Life navigation feature buckets. Jewish Identity in an Interfaith Family.

Do Not Be Like Ephraim

A guide for talking to your children about religious identity. Teaching Children about being grateful. An activity guide for year-olds and their parents. Practice navigation feature buckets. Planning a Jewish Wedding?

7.2. Camp of Israel

Have a Jewish Question? We assembled a group of Reform Jewish clergy and educators to help. Sacred Texts Podcasts Jewish Glossary. Sarah lived to be years old--such was the span of Sarah's life. Learning navigation feature buckets. Online Judaism Classes. It included most of what was afterwards called Samaria as distinguished from Judea and Galilee. It thus lay in the centre of all traffic, from north to south, and from Jordan to the sea, and was about 55 miles long and 30 broad. The tabernacle and the ark were deposited within its limits at Shiloh, where it remained for four hundred years.

During the time of the judges and the first stage of the monarchy this tribe manifested a domineering and haughty and discontented spirit.

Joshua the first conqueror, Gideon the greatest of the judges, and Saul the first king, belonged to one or other of the three tribes. When the ark was removed from Shiloh to Zion the power of Ephraim was humbled. From the settlement of Canaan till the time of David and Solomon, Ephraim had held the place of honour among the tribes. It occupied the central and fairest portions of the land, and had Shiloh and Shechem within its borders. But now when Jerusalem became the capital of the kingdom, and the centre of power and worship for the whole nation of Israel, Ephraim declined in influence.

The discontent came to a crisis by Rehoboam's refusal to grant certain redresses that were demanded 1 Kings Ephraim, Wood of A forest in which a fatal battle was fought between the army of David and that of Absalom, who was killed there 2 Samuel , 8. It lay on the east of Jordan, not far from Mahanaim, and was some part of the great forest of Gilead. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary n.

Do Not Be Like Ephraim

A hunter's name for the grizzly bear. He and his brother Manasseh were adopted by Jacob, and ranked as his own sons, each becoming the ancestor of a tribe in Israel. In blessing his grandchildren, despite their father's protest, Jacob preferred the younger, foreshadowing the future eminence of his descendants Genesis ; Genesis In the Blessing of Jacob however, the two are included under the name of Joseph Genesis f.

The Tribe: At the first census on leaving Egypt, Ephraim's men of war numbered 40,; and at the second census they are given as 32, Numbers ; Numbers The head of the tribe at the Exodus was Elishama, son of Ammihud Numbers With the standard of the tribe of Ephraim on the West of the tabernacle in the desert march were Manasseh and Benjamin Numbers The Ephraimite among the spies was Hoshea i. Joshua , the son of Nun Numbers At the division of the land Ephraim was represented by prince Kemuel, son of Shiphtan Numbers The future power of this tribe is again foreshadowed in the Blessing of Moses Deuteronomy When Moses died, a member of the tribe, Joshua, whose faith and courage had distinguished him among the spies, succeeded to the chief place in Israel.

It was natural that the scene of national assemblies, and the center of the nation's worship, should be chosen within the land occupied by the children of Joseph, at Shechem and Shiloh respectively. The leadership of Ephraim was further emphasized by the rule of Samuel. From the beginning of life in Palestine they enjoyed a certain prestige, and were very sensitive on the point of honor Judges ; Judges ; Judges Their acceptance of and loyalty to Saul, the first king chosen over Israel, may be explained by his belonging to a Rachel tribe, and by the close and tender relations existing between Joseph and Benjamin.

But they were never reconciled to the passing of the scepter to Judah in the person of David 2 Samuel f. That Israel would have submitted to the sovereignty of Absalom, any more than to that of David, is not to be believed; but his revolt furnished an opportunity to deal a shrewd blow at the power of the southern tribe 2 Samuel Solomon's lack of wisdom and the crass folly of Rehoboam in the management of the northern tribes fanned the smoldering discontent into a fierce flame.

This made easy the work of the rebel Jeroboam; and from the day of the disruption till the fall of the Northern Kingdom there was none to dispute the supremacy of Ephraim, the names Ephraim and Israel being synonymous. The Territory: The central part of Western Palestine fell to the children of Joseph; and, while the boundaries of the territory allotted to Ephraim and Manasseh respectively are given in Joshua 16 ; Joshua , it seems to have been held by them in common for some time The Canaanites in certain cities of both divisions were not driven out.

It was probably thought more profitable to enslave them ; The boundaries of Ephraim cannot be followed with accuracy, but roughly, they were as follows: The southern boundary, agreeing with the northern border of Benjamin, started from Bethel, and passed down westward by nether Beth-horon and Gezer toward the sea ; in verse 5 it stops at upper Beth-horon ; it turned northward to the southern bank of the brook Kanah Wady Kanah along which it ran eastward to Michmethath the plain of Mukhneh ; thence it went northward along the western edge of the plain to Shechem.

From Ataroth, which probably corresponds to Ataroth-addar , possibly identical with the modern et-Truneh, the southern border passed up to Bethel.