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I like the dogtags, it's another way of expressing yourself in the game. Edited by RMxR, Aug 08 - Hellsfog 6 Posted Aug 07 - Major. RMxR, on Aug 07 - , said: I like the dogtags, it's another way of expressing yourself in the gane. Its under the dogtag when you hold ctrl. Like the dog tags, for instance. I find it incredibly droll. Taylor 10 Posted Aug 08 - Staff sergeant. RMxR, on Aug 07 - , said: I like the dogtags, it's another way of expressing yourself in the game.

Aslain's mod pack has an option to get rid of them. It works great too. AmericanDragon 13 Posted Aug 09 - Corporal.

I, too, would appreciate the option to turn off dog tags. But not simply for me seeing them, but for me displaying them too. Grinding your defeat in. A second consideration, though: The dog tags are large, visually complex, and briefly displayed.

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I would not mind having a key that brought up my killer's dog tags on command. Or maybe even a key to bring up dog tags of enemies spotted, I don't know. Just not mandatory. Mushrat 15 Posted Aug 10 - Corporal. I shouldnt have to use a 3rd party mod to get rid of this annoying piece of one upmanship. Just let me enjoy the game without annoying crap like this. This is turning into more and more of an arcade game very day. Choose from our sturdy but stylish brass and stainless tags for your outdoor adventurer, our pretty bows, hearts and Bling tags for your pampered princess or a bone for your greedy pup You can also make life easier for yourself and attach your tag to your dog's collar with our lightweight eZeClip attachment.

Engraved using the latest technology, you can be sure of quality finishes on all our tags. We guarantee your dog ID tag against fading for 5 years from the date of purchase. All dog ID tags are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase against breakage and fading.

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Also, should you lose any crystals in your Bling tag during the first year, we will happily replace your tag. Select range 1 Choose tag 2 Select size 3 Engraving details 4 Checkout 5. Dog Tags. Choose from our huge range. Ensure your dog can always find its way home Keeping our canine friends safe is a priority for all responsible pet owners, and the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear an engraved dog tag, complete with their name and your contact details as well as any important medical or microchip information.

Choose from our huge range Whether your dog is a pampered Pug, a sweet little Cavalier King Charles, an energetic Labrador, an outdoor loving Border Collie or a uniquely special mixed breed, you are sure to find the perfect ID tag for your pooch at Pet-tags. Satisfaction guaranteed Engraved using the latest technology, you can be sure of quality finishes on all our tags. Select a Tag.

Aluminium Purple Paw Pet Tag. Broad range of dog ID tags With a broad range of stylish dog tags available, you are spoilt for choice.

Custom Dog Tags for Every Dog!

Black Large Paw Pet Tag. Red Large Paw Pet Tag. Blue Large Heart Pet Tag. Purple Large Heart Pet Tag. Blue Small Bone Pet Tag. Red Small Bone Pet Tag. Blue Large Bone Pet Tag.

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Bone Sparkle Green large. Purple Large Bone Pet Tag.

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Blue Small Home Pet Tag. Pink Small Home Pet Tag. Green Large Home Pet Tag.

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